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Racheal Close – South Yorkshire

Monday, February 27th, 2012

I thought it was important I got in touch to say hi, but also to thank you for changing my life. I think back to how I was a couple of days before I came to see you and  the panic I felt  of not being able to cope with John and my Dad going away for a weekend and having no one to help me if there was a spider…. and feeling like I wanted to go and stay with my Mum just so I wasn’t on my own. I then think about the just how nervous I was thinking you were going to hypnotise me and make me feel I was in a room full of spiders…….. and then I met you. Instantly I felt at ease as you are the such a  genuine, warm and kind persons , you briefly told me about your life and I don’t think I have ever come across anyone who has been through what you have….. and to stay so focused and positive, and then to turn it into helping other, you truly are a wonderful man…. since I have been to you I have encountered a number of spiders big and small at home and work, it’s funny at work because I am no longer the raving lunatic who is screaming and running out of the building refusing to come back in until the spider has gone, I can simply walk past and leave them, and at home I no longer have to ring my Dad to come around to get a spider because it is too big for John to get,….I have cleared out the shed which I had not dared go near for 2 years (and yes there was a great big spider and initially it did make me jump as it ran out but within seconds I was fine and dealt with it) and just 2 nights ago when John was working a late night I was in the kitchen and one started to scurry over the floor, I got some  kitchen roll  bent down and killed it , and at that point I thought to myself how my life had changed so much for the better, so once again I just want to say a huge thank you for all your help.