Monica Wheeler – Doncaster

Meeting Carl Samerson without a doubt saved my life. I had gone through two months of misery, unable to sleep, eat, concentrate or live normally due to the constant ringing noise in my head. I had to withdraw from university, I couldn’t work and my depression hit an all-time low with suicidal thoughts occupying my brain. When I walked into Carl’s room I wasn’t a believer in fate or destiny but I walked out knowing that I had just met the man who was going to change my life. Within seconds I felt at ease and relaxed in Carl’s company and when he told me he could help me I just broke down in tears. And he has kept his promise- in just a few sessions I have gone from the broken person that I was so slowly getting my life back on track. I smile again, I laugh, I go for long periods of time without noticing the noise is there. I know that with Carl’s continued help I will eventually get back to the person I was before all the bad stuff happened. How can you express your gratitude to someone who picked you up during the lowest moments of your life? All I know is that I would recommend Carl to anybody who has a problem. He is one of the most genuine, outgoing, inspirational people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting and I will always be thankful for him coming to my life at exactly the right time…….

Monica Wheeler


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