A female – Doncaster

I initially went to see Carl with relationship anxiety issues. I was so impressed how effective his therapy was. I am now so happy and content in my relationship and because of this I am enjoying life so much more.
I then decided that I would try hypnotherapy /EFT for fear of flying. I can honestly say I was a little skeptical at first but thought ”what have I got to lose, other than a few quid, and why wouldn’t it work, the other therapy did ??” So I had my sessions and flew this January. Normally when I fly I would say on a scale from 1-10 I am around a 7/8 maybe a 9 sometimes. I used to cry, feel sick, get sweaty palms and palpatations. This time we had an emergency landing due to a sick passenger, followed by 20 minutes of ”turbulence” (which I have since learnt is actually just wind) and a very bumpy landing in strong winds. I was no more than a 3 and was even a little cocky about it all!! So I would just like to say thank you so much to Carl for ’curing’ me! You truly are a bit of a genius!

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