HYPNOSIS – The Truth

Many people who are considering using hypnosis shy away from it as there are many misconceptions as to what hypnosis is and how it works.

It is not magic….It is not sleep…It is not anti-religious…

BUT IT DOES WORK…if you can be hypnotised…you can be helped.

Here is a list of the common fallacies and myths surrounding hypnosis

The Fallacy


Hypnosis works best on weak willed people The best hypnotic subjects are those best able to concentrate in other words they are intelligent, wilful people
A person can be hypnotised against their will A person has to consent – you cannot be hypnotised against your will
A person might not “wake up” from hypnosis Impossible. If left to their own devices a person in hypnosis will fall asleep and wake when they are ready…or just awaken because the hypnotist has stopped talking!
Hypnotherapy requires a very deep trance state A light or medium state of hypnosis is sufficient for therapy to be effective in 87% of cases
The hypnotist dominates the person in hypnosis Nonsense – the hypnotist is never in a position of domination – the client is simply helped to express their own inner “hidden” abilities to help themselves
Only a small percentage of people can be hypnotised Some people are easier to hypnotise than others. In the main almost anyone can be hypnotised. Exceptions include babies, the insane, the intoxicated, those with a low IQ and people “high” on drugs
The hypnotist has control over the persons mind No hypnotist can make anyone do anything that is against their principles or morals. Hypnosis doesn’t make you helpless; it intensifies the client’s ability to help themselves.
Hypnosis is dangerous Hypnosis is perfectly safe when practiced by an experienced and properly trained practitioner
Hypnosis is anti-religious Every major religion has investigated hypnosis at some time or other and approved it as a medical technique. It is not a religion or a belief system – the good it can do regularly speaks for itself
Orthodox medicine condemns hypnotherapy Not so…the British, Canadian and American Medical Societies ALL accept the therapeutic value of hypnosis