Hypno Slimmer hypnosis to help you loose weight

Hypnoslimmer – The  Movie!


Hypnotic Slimming & The Hypnotic Gastric Band

The revolutionary weight control system

Pioneering the total mind and body concept…in 4 weeks!

Just the mere word ‘diet’ implies something that you do temporarily…like weight loss!

Most traditional weight loss dieting systems will programme your mind to think about food all the time, counting calories, planning meals, avoiding certain foods etc. As far as I am concerned, this approach is totally wrong. No wonder you end up being bigger than before you actually started the diet!

This revolutionary and unique hypnotic weight control programme will re programme your subconscious mind to recover your natural latent ability to control your shape and size.

Weight Control

The weight control programme we will to teach you is unique.

Unique, in that we are the only people who designed the therapy around a theory.

The weight control programme is based on the following observations and consists of four sessions. We also provide a back up CD to use in between sessions.

Diets make you fat!

Weight control is nothing to do with how much a person weighs

It’s really about shape and size. A person can have a nice figure but still weigh the same as somebody who doesn’t.

“The way we feel on the inside reflects the way we look on the outside”

This is a brilliant phrase, and not only to do with weight.

This programme is around 80% successful.

So learn how to eat when you are hungry and how to stop eating when you are full with this progressive shape and size reduction programme – Hypno Slimmer

Pioneering the total mind and body concept…


Publicity in the last few years about the ‘hypno’ gastric band for weight loss has quadrupled. People have paid up to £7000 and upwards for this surgery. Would you love to have ALL the benefits of a gastric band without ANY of the risks involved with neither the major surgery nor the huge financial burden? The Hypnotic Gastric Band treatment results in your body believing that you have had the band fitted and you will feel full sooner. Superior to even the surgical gastric band surgery, HypnoSlimmer also addresses your lifestyle, eating habits and the root cause of your overeating, raising the probability of long term success and a healthy body AND self esteem.


According to Cancer Research UK – some studies have shown that hypnotherapy can assist in alleviating pain and anxiety for people suffering from cancer – http://www.cancerresearchuk.org/

The Hypno-Chemo program is all about building acceptance and positivity. Just as a negative mind set tends to focus on the worst of experiences or outcomes, a positive mind set focuses on positive outcomes, positive experiences and can also empower us to achieve our goals.

A positive mind set helps reduce our perception of pain, whilst increasing optimism and inner strength.

After medicine our bodies immune system is the most powerful weapon we possess in our fight against cancer. It’s well documented that stress reduces the effectiveness of this system; just consider now when we get the most colds, flu’s and sore throats etc? When we are run down or stressed! So for any cancer sufferer getting their immune system functioning to the best of its ability is a crucial factor in any recovery process.

Modern medicine is the best it’s ever been, modern screening, diagnosis and treatment of cancer are central to every cancer sufferers recovery. However for some, just giving themselves over to modern medicine and hoping for the best will be nowhere near as effective, as going into that same treatment with the added benefits of a positive mind set, a healthy lifestyle and a well thought out coping strategy.

Hypno-Chemo- three pronged attack
The Hypno-Chemo program is divided up into separate modules that can be adapted to each client’s individual situation.
Cancer Hypnotherapy Module 1
The Vent – Dealing with the emotional distress following your Diagnosis.
Cancer Hypnotherapy Module 1b
The Carers opportunity to vent and appreciate how to best manage themselves and the sufferer.
Cancer Hypnotherapy Module 2
Moving forward – Building a winning team, taking control and understanding your objectives.
Cancer Hypnotherapy Module 3
Positivity Rules – Building a positive mind set towards medical treatments and assisting with pain relief.

Cancer Hypnotherapy Module 4

Reinforcement and Surveillance – Once you’re on the mend, you’ll want to reinforce and maintain that recovery.
Cancer Hypnotherapy Module 5
Re-occurrence – Assessing and dealing with a re-occurrence – Going back to “The Well” one more time.
Cancer Hypnotherapy Module 6
Death and Acceptance – It comes to us all at some point; you can dwell on it or focus on “Going Out in Style”.
HYPNO-CHEMO works by reducing client fears and anxieties using hypnosis and positive visualization. This in turn reduces the patients anxiety by increasing their optimism and their “Motivation to Mend”.