Joan – London & Doncaster

Hi Carl,
How are you doing?
Your probably wondering how I’m doing?
Well…. I’m doing great thanks to you!! You have lifted my spirits and taken me out of that dark place called ‘depression’.  I only wish I had met you about 4 years ago! lol. My plans now for the future are more clear now.
So much has happened since the last time I spoke to you. Well , do you remember me telling you that I got a job at a care home part time? Well I stayed there for 4 weeks then quit as I found my self even more miserable there then I was without a job. I just didn’t like the people I was working with and how they treated the elderly people that lived there.  So I had to get out of there.  Quite quickly  I found a new job volunteering  caring for people with disabilities, In LONDON. Yes London..exactly where I wanted to be!!
The new job is going well and I am also studying for a diploma too!
Its funny I find myself teaching my friends and my sister the EFT. My sister was rather surprised that I even knew about
Happy client Joan
PS. Big thanks again!

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