Neil from Doncaster

‘I entered into hypnosis therapy sessions with Carl with a great deal of skepticism, with a view to helping me with a severe gambling addiction. Like most people I thought it was all hocus pocus and mumbo jumbo, but from someone who has gambled since the age of 7, wasted many, many thousands of pounds and had seen their life destroyed by this crippling addiction I thought what the hell, I’ve tried everything else without any success, why not.
I found Carl an extremely easy person to get on with, he instantly put me at ease and gained my trust. The sessions were not quite what I expected having seen these stage hypnotists, they were easy and relaxing, but most of all they worked. From someone who pretty much thought of gambling every waking minute of the day, I now never think of it and two months on I am still gamble free, and to be honest I can never imagine gambling again.
Both my wife and myself wish to thank Carl so much for helping me and saving our marriage.’

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