Stop Smoking – Weed & Nicotine Addiction

Smoking Cessation Hypnotherapy

Are you feeling motivated to stop smoking – cigarettes and / or weed?

According to research by the Office of National Statistics in 2016 almost two thirds of British people who smoked wanted to quit.

Then call me now. I’ll see you within 24 hours…and you’ll be a non smoker of tobacco. It’s just one session for tobacco – one session that will change your life for the better forever…it will make it a longer life too.

What’s in it for you?

  • During the course of your session your blood pressure will return to normal
  • After 8 hrs nicotine and carbon monoxide levels in your blood will reduce by half
  • Within 24 hrs the carbon monoxide will be eliminated from your body
  • Within 48 hrs the nicotine is gone – your senses of taste and smell improve
  • Within 72 hours you’ll breathe easier and your energy levels will increase
  • In 3-9 months your lung function will have increased by 10%
  • After 5 years your risk of having a heart attack falls to half of that of a smoker
  • After 10 years your risk of lung cancer falls to half that of a smoker
  • After 10 years your risk of heart attack falls to the same as a non smoker….

These aren’t my boasts – these are NHS statistics…think of all the benefits. A happier you, a less smelly you, a more confident you, a more popular you…and how pleased will your family be…especially the younger ones as now you stand a much better chance of watching them grow up – able to warn them of the dangers of smoking.

If these benefits haven’t convinced you yet then may be the £’s saved statistics will – and remember – these statistics are very conservative and the price of smoking never goes down does it?

A person smoking 15 cigarettes a day will spend on average:

1 Day £4.13
1 Week £28.88
1 Month £125.47
1 Year £1505.63
10 Years £15,056.25
20 Years £30,112.50

Scary statistics ….yes?

Do yourself, your family and your friends a favour…call me now… let’s start stopping!

Phobias & Fears – Fear of flying, spiders, open spaces, closed spaces, snakes etc

Hypnotherapy for Phobias and Fears

10 Million people in the UK suffer from phobias. Let me show you how to cope with that phobia or fear. Phobias are learned from experiences and in hypnosis you can unlearn the phobia and rid yourself of it for life. There are two important things to remember if you have any kind of phobia. Firstly, there is nothing wrong with you; you are not crazy or stupid. Phobias are usually the result of a one off experience and consequently not usually too difficult to eradicate once that experience has been identified. Secondly, phobias are a message, a communication from your subconscious mind trying to tell you that danger is present and that you need to be careful. That’s all they are. Quite often phobias can usually be dealt with in one or two sessions. Fear is normal; it can be what keeps you alive as it prevents you from taking unreasonable risks. Although only one in ten of us suffer from a phobia we ALL have fears that keep us from performing at our best and hold us back in life. The fear of rejection, presentations at work, interviews…we all have fears that are out of proportion to the actual danger that there is in a situation…

So, if it’s spiders, water, heights, flying, open spaces, closed spaces, talking in public…whatever it is…call me…if I can hypnotise you I can cure you…no fear!

Pain Management – including headaches and migraines

Hypnotherapy for Pain Management

Hypnosis is a very useful tool to alleviate pain. Most types of pain can be reduced or taken away completely. It’s important to remember though that pain is there for a reason, it tells you that something is wrong and consequently during your assessment it may be deemed inappropriate to completely remove certain pains, as reduction of pain might be a more relevant strategy. For example, with hypnosis I can reduce the pain that a toothache might be giving someone, but I would only remove that pain temporarily to give them the opportunity to see a dentist later – so the teeth and gum don’t become infected.

IBS – Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Irritable Bowel Syndrome Hypnotherapy

Google “Remedies for IBS” and hypnotherapy will be top of the list…

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) suggests that hypnotherapy could benefit people who have not responded to other kinds of treatment for IBS – helping them to cope with their symptoms.

When symptoms occur in the bowel, symptoms which do not appear to be the result of any physical or biochemical abnormality, and the symptoms continue (sometimes on a permanent basis) the patient is described as having a “functional gastrointestinal disorder”, the common type of which is Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). Whilst hypnotherapy is very effective at providing relief from this condition traditional medical care from a GP or clinical consultant must also have been sought. Treatment for this condition usually comprises an assessment and three further sessions.

Confidence, Self Esteem & Social Anxiety Disorder

Confidence, Self Esteem & Worthiness hypnotherapy

Self belief is one of the most important factors in anyone’s life if they are going to enjoy life to the full and make the best use of their unique abilities…we all have them and using hypnosis we can’t only identify what they are but we can bring them to the fore and use them in our day to day lives.

Everyone ought to become aware of their own inner voice, that “angel at your shoulder” who will guide you and be with you through thick and thin. Everyone ought to become aware of their capabilities and gain confidence in their own inner awareness and capacities for self determination. Hypnosis will uncover what you might have hidden for years and help you to shine that light that is you and your personality; it will help you to become the person that you want to be. You can have control of your own life…it is your life. You can make your own choices and learn to like what you see when you look in a mirror.

Improved Sports Performance & Motivation

Increase Sports Performance with Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis is used by many world beaters to improve and maintain their performances in the sporting arena. The golf course, the football pitch, the tennis court, the swimming pool, marathon running… in fact any sport and anywhere you can think of, hypnosis (used together with and as part of your standard training and preparation) will improve your performance in any discipline. Your mind will learn through hypnosis that if your mind can conceive a given outcome and believe in a given outcome then it can achieve a given outcome…CONCEIVE…BELIEVE…and ACHIEVE…all made possible with hypnosis.

Job Interviews / Exam Nerves / Driving Test / Wedding Nerves?

Help get a job promotion with hypnosis

It is not uncommon for people – regardless of where they sit in the organisational structure of their firm or organisation to dread interviews for promotion. One would expect top professionals such as doctors, policemen, lawyers etc to excel in the interview environment – but this is hardly ever the case and even more dumbfounding when you consider that such individuals are usually being interviewed by people who know them well, accept their dedication and professionalism and in some cases even recommended and encouraged them to apply for the post in the first place!

Using hypnosis you can be taught techniques to practise before, during and after the interview that will give you the best chance of success. You will stand out amongst your peers as the best at what you do. You will be calm, relaxed, confident, articulate and 100% unstressed – able to give a fantastic account of yourself and your ability to fill any post that you aspire to. You will perform on that borderline where confidence rules and arrogance is kept at bay – you will become a respected winner…whatever your field of expertise happens to be.

Revising for Examinations / Taking Examinations

Exam Revision help with Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis can ensure that you revise and sit examinations in a calm, confident and completely relaxed way. You will in fact be very surprised at the ease with which you can master your own feelings and put yourself into the perfect frame of mind in situations that you would have avoided or run away from in the past. Using self hypnosis techniques that will be taught to you and embedded in your subconscious you will be amazed at your new found confidence and ability.

Procrastination / Stress / Anger Management etc

Hypnosis can help when in 2 minds about something

How often to you find yourself in two minds about something? It might sometimes feel like three minds or more! Hypnosis can remove all that “my heads a shed” stress and teach you how to arrive at what is the best decision for YOU – quickly, safely and without fear of “beating yourself up” about anything afterwards. The only thing you get from sitting on the fence is a sore backside…and hypnosis can help there too!


Hypnotherapy can help with depression

It is estimated that 90% of the population experience negative unwanted feelings at some period in their lives. At times like these you might feel that you are alone – with no one to talk to,  no one who understands you… and you just wait and wait for a miracle cure to come along…that is not going to happen.

These feelings are all caused by specific environmental influences which affect us using the incredible power of the power of suggestion…and believe it or not this is normal. In hypnosis we can handle and deal with these feelings quite easily. Sometimes these feelings are allowed to hang on for months and even years in some cases – in fact they sometimes become a facet of a person’s everyday life…

Using hypnosis I will facilitate a natural venting process and get rid of some of the accumulated overload of negativity that depression can create. Clients usually start to feel better after the very first session. Don’t suffer a moment longer – there is no need and I can prove that too you.


Hypnotherapy can help with infertility

In approximately 50% of infertility cases the cause cannot be determined. It is believed that a proportion of these cases are due to psychological factors – a belief that is reinforced by the common experience of couples finally adopting a child out of frustration and then conceive a child of their own shortly thereafter! If the causes of infertility are not medically physical reasons then hypnosis can help to overcome any psychological factors that might be preventing conception occurring.

How Emotions Affect Fertility

The truth is that your emotions affect your fertility. Stress, depression, anxiety and worrying can lead to failed attempts. No matter how well your timing is, negative thoughts can create a hostile environment and your body just isn’t ready for getting pregnant. The biological clock continues to tick and it just makes it harder. The cycle is never-ending unless you are willing to do something.

Sometimes there are medical reasons for being unable to conceive but this isn’t always the case. Often, doctors are simply confused and can offer no extra help, except fertility treatments that are costly and aren’t guaranteed to work.

You may hear that people who say it is the very last attempt find out they are pregnant and go on to have healthy babies. This is because their body is finally in a place to accept the conception. Hypnosis can help get your body ready, without you deciding that it is the last attempt.

Hypnosis for Fertility: Making Your Body Ready

Hypnosis to get pregnant works by getting you mentally, emotionally and physically ready for conceiving a baby. It works on your unconscious, so you no longer feel anxious about the next attempt and the emotions won’t affect your hormone levels in a negative way. Stress is one of the biggest problems for fertility and hypnosis can help to lower those levels.

There have been scientific tests into finding out whether hypnosis for fertility actually works. One study showed that the hormone prolactin is lowered through hypnotherapy. This hormone suppresses ovulation, which means that you may get your timing wrong and miss the window of opportunity. By lowering the hormone, ovulation happens as it should and that window of opportunity is where it should be.

It can also help to prevent tubal spasms, which can cause problems for ovulation and conception. This is an issue often brought on by stress, so the hypnosis is often used to lower the stress levels subconsciously.

What Happens During Hypnosis for Fertility?

This will depend on the therapist but some will take people on a tour of their own reproductive systems. This helps the people understand more about their systems and how conception works. It also helps to check for any problems. Often, the problem is a mental block — there is no medical reason for the woman to not be able to conceive.

The mental block comes from that biological ticking clock getting louder and the fact that fertility decreases with age.

Some of the biggest reasons for infertility are because women believe that there are no eggs in their ovaries or they’re too big to fit through the tubes. These are blocks and aren’t actually real. The whole point of hypnosis is to then get that thought out of the woman’s mind and replace it with the positive thoughts that conception can happen.

Using Hypnotherapy with Other Fertility Methods

It is worth using hypnotherapy with other types of fertility tests and methods. For example, calculating your ovulation cycle is still a necessity to know the best time to get pregnant. However, the hypnosis will help to lower your hormonal and emotional levels, so you increase the chance of getting pregnant at this time.

This is something that can also be used with IVF treatment. However, it is more affordable and more likely to work. It helps to clear the mental blocks that cause infertility problems, especially in later years.

Infertility isn’t always (but often is) linked to emotional and mental issues. You may believe that you can’t conceive or you have left it too late. Hypnosis for fertility gets into the unconscious mind and makes it easier to conceive.

Past Life Regression (PLR) & Psychic Recall Resonance

Past Life Regression with Hypnotherapy

There are theories upon theory as to why some people, whilst under hypnosis, can go backwards in time… travel back to a past life. Some records show clients who have experienced PLR and later looked at historical records in churches, electoral roles etc that have “proven” their previous existence. Sometimes peoples voices even change whilst under hypnosis…it’s fascinating stuff and can be very entertaining. I can do “one to one” PLR sessions or PLR parties are sometimes preferred (minimum 7 people).

It’s a “fun” side of hypnosis and some people have found that ailments they have in this lifetime have disappeared when they return from being their “earlier” self as we identify them and deal with them back there…in the past…amazing!

Inner Child Therapy

Inner Child Therapy with hypnosis

The term “Inner Child” refers to your emotional body. Carl Jung called it the “Divine Child”; some psychotherapists call it the “True Self”. Our personalities emerge as a result of our genetic code, DNA or inherited characteristics and the environment in which we experience things. Our childhood is dictated by those who bring us up and scars can be caused during this time that take years to heal. Mostly these issues go back to childhood and what influenced and impacted on our emotional and physical bodies at the time…the Inner Child remains with us for the rest of our lives…we are all children at heart.

There are four critical stages from birth where have the potential to suffer damage:

0 to 9 months old (infant)

9 to 18 months old (toddler)

3 to 5 years old (pre school)

5 years old to puberty

Hypnosis, using a series of questionnaires and exercises can identify, treat and remove any issues that might be holding back the adult… issues that have lain dormant for decades, bringing the emotional and physical body back into kilter, back where it should be, having explored the Inner Child experiences and dealt with them accordingly.

Find the Partner that YOU want

Find the perfect Soul Mate with hypnosis

“You can’t choose your family, so it’s a good job you can choose your friends”…A familiar enough saying, but how often do we choose the “right” friends? Even more importantly how often do we choose the right partner to share our lives with, that special person for US, that perfect partner… our soul mate? Using hypnosis let me show you how to utilise your subconscious, your instincts…your “vibes”… when searching for that compatibility factor. I can teach you how to make the right choices for you! People who find “love at first sight” already know how to do it… how to recognise that special person in an instant. I can show you how do it too.

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